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Queen Charlotte Islands

Off the coast of northern B.C. are the Queen Charlotte Islands, otherwise known as the “Misty Isles”. These islands, also referred to by the Haida Indian name of “Haida Gwaii”, are an area of great cultural and natural significance. The Queen Charlottes are the ancestral home of the Haida nation, whose legacy of ancient villages and totems stand today as testament to these natives of the land. This is also an area of great natural beauty above and below the ocean. Sitka spruce and western cedar cover much of these islands, providing a home for the abundance of wildlife, some of which is unique to North America, such as the black bear, a separate subspecies and one of the largest of the black bears. Beneath the waters of these island, protected by dense kelp forests, schools of perch and rockfish live in the shadows. A variety of invertebrates including abalone, scallops and the very rare (for B.C. waters) cobalt sponge help to make up the tapestry of life in the waters of the Queen Charlottes.

Made up of two main islands, Graham to the north and Moresby in the south, this area offers many virgin dive spots.

There are few road-accessible dive sites in the Charlottes. In fact most of the Queen Charlotte’s coastline is accessible only by boat or floatplane. The best way to dive these beautiful islands is aboard one of the liveaboard dive vessels that journey to the area during the summer. For those with an adventurous spirit, a diving/camping trip is possible as long as you are totally self sufficient, including compressor.

Doug Pemberton.

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