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By Shanyn Poirier

We found a pearl in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean. This pearl called San Andrés Island is little known to western Canadians, and besides ourselves there was only one other couple there from Western Canada. As we approached the Island, I was not sure we were actually going to land on land as we hung over the ocean in the dark of night. We touched down, and our new adventure began.

San Andrés is English, Spanish, reggae and salsa music, crystal waters and the scene of various sports. San Andrés is as well an irresistible shopping center, the peaceful world of lush countryside, trees, flowers, and fruits. A colourful contrast of peace and tranquillity and the noisy chatter of busy thoroughfares.

This small part of Colombia basks in the sun of the Caribbean, offering the tourist a thousand new and fascinating things to do every day and every night. There are days at the beach to enjoy, any of the many water sports, and afternoons visiting the Island's attractions. Or perhaps an exquisite dinner with friends after the sun sets. These are some of the activities that make San Andrés and its people so unforgettable.

Before arriving in the Archipelago, I had an opportunity to research, and talk about diving options with a local dive shop, San Andrés Divers. They are among the nicest people I have ever met, and professional regarding the business. Once arriving in San Andrés, we contacted them; coming to our hotel, they picked us up and transported us to their shop.

My husband and I had only recently become certified open water divers before arriving in the Archipelago, and wanted to take the Advanced Open Water Course. With the help of the staff at San Andrés Divers, we were successful in achieving our certification to 100 feet and we had one of the best vacations ever. They were kind, and considerate taking us to some of the greatest dive sites that surround the island.

San Andrés underwater is one of the most exotic and beautiful tropical paradises of the Caribbean. The visibility under water is wonderfully clear raging between 24 and 30 meters. Never once was the visibility less than 100 feet plus even the visibility at night was fabulous.

In San Andrés wall diving has been perfected. The magnificent underwater walls are tiled with colors of sponges, coral and many more marine life forms. Here we found an abundance of marine life and with the assistance of the staff; we were trained in multilevel diving allowing us a much longer dive times.

There are so many diving spots in San Andrés, the close proximity of diving spots minimizes the hassle of transportation and helps to reduce seasickness, allowing any diver to enjoy this to its maximum and have time for other activities.

There are many wonderful sports where a person can be in direct contact with nature, including sports where the experience goes beyond expectations, however none can be compared with scuba diving and what better way to experience the diving than with a group of people that know the island. The staff at San Andrés Divers is a great group of people. Taking care of our gear and leading us on some amazing dives, they always ensured we were happy with the outing.

Shanyn Poirier
47567 Chartwell Drive
Chilliwack BC V2P 8B1

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